Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Women

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Women

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Who says that the wilderness is only for a man to conquer? In truth, more than 80 million women all around the world participate in hiking excursions, and the number has been going up every year.

To cater to the increasing demand, brands have introduced hiking equipment to fit the female physique. These also include the best hiking boots for wide feet women.

Hiking boots are among the most important piece of hiking equipment. They give your feet the protection needed to cover miles of rugged tracks. If you don’t choose well, you can end up with more than just blisters, especially since most women have more sensitive feet than men.

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet Women Comparison Chart

XPETI Women’s Dimo Mid Waterproof Hiking Outdoor Boot Gray 7

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX W Hiking Boot,Shadow,9 M US

Oboz Women’s Bridger Bdry Hiking Boot,Rio Red,8 M US

Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid WS Wxl-wide Hiking Boot,Taupe/Sepia,9 W US

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot, Elk/Mountain Red, 8.5 Wide US

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Womens: Our Top Picks

Since hiking boots for women come in a diverse choice of patterns and colors as compared to men, we have decided to help our sisters out. This article will review the best hiking boots for wide feet women to help them choose the footwear they need to enjoy their next outdoor excursion.

1. XPETI Dimo Hiking Outdoor Boot

XPETI is a well-known brand in the hiking industry for its wide range of high-end hiking gear. It never ceases to deliver quality and utility combined with amazing designs and styles for young and professional hikers alike.

The XPETI Dimo Hiking Outdoor Boot is among their proud creations. It represents the brand’s mission to provide only the best for their valued consumers.


These boots are made out of a durable and versatile combination of fabric and synthetic materials. The rubber sole ensures a comfortable and sturdy grip throughout the hiking trip.

  • Rubber Outsole and Toe Cap

The outsole and toe cap are made out of rubber to give you a firm hold on tough trails. This helps you achieve good traction even on smooth and slippery rocks.

  • Soft Inner Soles

Apart from that, the inner soles are made out of soft, cushioning materials. These make sure that your foot rests in a neutral position at all times. Also, they resist impacts and blows, so you won’t feel any disturbance while making your way through rough and rugged terrains.

  • EVA Midsoles

The shoe has an EVA midsole, which provides a buttery, comfortable feeling and makes your shoe lighter and more stable.

  • Waterprooof Coating

Moreover, these shoes are constructed keeping tough, long walks in mind. They are entirely covered in a waterproof hydro shield membrane, which keeps your shoes protected while you’re hiking through damp, marshy places.

Also, these boots stop any extra moisture from reaching your feet. This is thanks to the protective mesh lining that keeps your feet fresh and dry all throughout your hike.

  • TPU Ankle Covering

In addition, there’s a TPU covering at the ankle that is molded to fit you perfectly. This protects your ankle against impacts and gives maximum comfort as well.

  • Others

These shoes are designed to look and feel great at the same time. It has a lightweight construction that won’t strain your feet but will provide unmatched protection throughout the way.

Apart from that, it comes in great colors and designs. The TPU cover and the toe cover give a stylish look as well.


  • check
    Comes at a reasonable price
  • check
    Secure molding at heel and toe
  • check
    Can also be used as daily wear shoes
  • check
    Fashionable colors and designs
  • check
    Great customer support


  • Made of synthetic materials
  • Not suitable for walking over water

2. Salomon X-Ultra 3 Mid GTX W Hiking Boot

Salomon provides ideal hiking equipment for men and women alike. May it be comfortable, lightweight hiking boots for men or the best hiking boots for wide feet women, their versatile product range has something for every outdoor enthusiast.


These shoes are made out of premium high-quality material. A good combination of natural textiles and synthetic materials, they aim to provide maximum comfort and durability to the wearer.

  • Double Rubber Sole

The aggressive sole is made out of rubber to hold your feet in place while you’re covering the trickiest areas of your hike.

This model especially takes a woman’s anatomy into concern. You see, a woman’s stature and skin require more cushioning and space to prevent slipping and other mishaps. These shoes facilitate that through their double rubber sole.

What this means is that there are two types of rubber working together to get you ladies the perfect grip and security during the sharpest descents.

  • Descent Control Tech

In addition, the quality that makes these shoes among the best hiking boots is its descent control technology. The special patterned area on the edge of the heel has the design required to maintain a firm hold.

This feature gives you the extra support you need while making a descent. Therefore, even if you’re going on technical hikes or tackling damp areas, these boots will work for you.

  • Asymmetrical Frame

These boots feature a design that is perfect for women. The chassis was made to be asymmetrical so as to maximize cushioning and stability as well as minimize fatigue at the same time.


  • check
    Stable and safe
  • check
    Molded heel cap
  • check
    PU-coated, water-resistant
  • check
    Extra midsole cushioning


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for running
  • Won’t resist water for long during heavy rainfall

3. Oboz Bridger B-Dry Hiking Boot

Oboz boasts of giving every member of the adventurous community a customized solution for heavy-duty footwear. Their high-quality products are designed and produced by a group of free-spirited outdoor lovers, so they know just what their prospects need.


These high-quality hiking shoes are made out of 100 percent pure leather paired with soles and details made out of the synthetic fiber. This gives the wearer the durability and comfort they need along with a stylish, rustic look.

  • Professional-grade Materials

The high-tech construction of these boots is something to behold. The nylon outer shank provides durability and extra support between the heel and the forefoot, and the chassis, made out of TPU, gives you the required stability during ascent and descent.

  • Intelligent Design

These boots come with an EVA sculpted heel cup and sculpted arch. Both of these work together to give a secure hold and a high level of comfort during the toughest phases of your hikes.

  • Remarkable Cushioning

The Granite Peak midsole and outsoles are soft, which means that they give you the cushioning feeling you need, but they are also firm and sturdy at the same time.

  • Fit Insole

The best part about Oboz shoes is that each of its pieces has an individually customized sole called the O Fit Insole. This makes sure that the shoe fits you perfectly and puts your foot in a neutral position at all times.

  • Others

Moreover, the Oboz hiking shoes have amazing water-resistant features. The top mesh layer keeps out any sort of moisture that your shoe comes across, keeping your feet nice and dry.

Also, if you’re facing inevitable moisture such as sweating or mud, there’s the B-Dry system inside the shoe, which let’s sweat and extra moisture out to keep your feet fresh and dry.


  • check
    Thick underfoot protection
  • check
    Comes with a customized insole
  • check
    Streamlined outsoles
  • check
    Vibrant color to choose from
  • check
    Reasonable price


  • The insole arch is a bit far back
  • Rounded laces can get untied easily compared to flat laces

4. Lowa Women's Hiking Boot

This brand has the best team of shoemakers, modelers, and warehouse specialists that make its versatile range of hiking shoes. The company makes about 2.7 million pairs of shoes each year, boasting a commendable demand and customer loyalty worldwide.


Basically, these women’s shoes by Lowa are made of 100 percent imported leather. This gives you guaranteed durability and skin-friendly construction.

  • Vibram Outsole

This model has a Vibram outsole, which maintains a firm and sturdy grip especially required for women. It will grip aggressively to the most technical terrains and during descent as well, so you can be safe and concern-free.

The Vibram sole also works as a shock-absorbing agent, which protects you against impacts and abrasions on f feel any rocks or roots through them at all.

  • Full-length Shank

Apart from that, they sport a full-length nylon shank. This gives you extra leverage over your foot movements, avoiding any mishap or slippage during the trickiest hikes.

  • Incredible Inner Lining

The construction of these shoes is based on art and cutting-edge technology. It has a GORE-TEX inner lining, which makes the shoe water-resistant and breathable. This means these will work great for you during hot, sweaty conditions as well as cold, wet ones.

  • Comfy Lining

In addition, they sport a buttery-soft lining. This is basically a soft lining that gloves the contours of your feet to reduce red spots and provide the cushioning you need for long, tough walks.

  • Lightweight Body

Apart from that, these boots are amazingly lightweight. They have a Monowrap technology, which makes the shoes durable and reduces their overall weight to give you a strain-free experience.

  • Utility

Each of these boots is made with gender-specific details, so they cater to the anatomy of each gender respectively.

In addition, they have state-of-the-art climate control footbed. This is a perforated layer which helps remove internal moisture from the shoe, as well as allow enough air to pass through. It reduces discomfort and moisture, so you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest.


  • check
    Supportive nubuck leather upper
  • check
    Zero friction or fatigue
  • check
    Derby-style lacing
  • check
    Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • check
  • check


  • Heel-side sole starts wearing off soon
  • Expensive

5. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

The Columbia women’s hiking boots are among the best hiking boots for wide feet womens. This is made possible because the brand focuses on versatile, accessible footwear that women can wear without compromising on style and fashion.


These wide hiking boots have what a woman needs to be comfortable and funky at the same time. Made out of a great combination of pure leather and soft, durable textile, the shoes are tough on the terrains and light on your delicate, feminine stature.

  • Rubber Outsole

These boots sport an outer rubber sole. This makes for a sturdy, firm grip and offers anti-slip protection so that you can take up technical and muddy hikes with ease.

  • Soft, Durable Midsole

These shoes are constructed according to the requirements of the female anatomy. This means extra width, protection, and comfort combined.

The soft and tough midsole design gives you comfort and cushioning so that you can tackle long walks without breaking a sweat. Also, it has an impact resistant formula, which secures you against minor accidents and mishaps.

  • Full-grain Leather Body

Apart from that, these shoes can effectively tackle extreme weather conditions. The full-grain leather body and a mesh tongue give maximum breathability. This makes it great for hot, sweaty conditions along with clod, wet ones.

  • Customizable Lace-up System

In addition, these shoes have some neat utility features as well. Among these is the lace-up system that is customizable. You can adjust the closure according to your comfort for an ideal fit before you set out.

  • Omni-grip Technology

The shoes are equipped with Omni-grip technology. This means that they can effectively hold on to rough and rugged terrains as well as smooth and slippery surfaces such as ice and snow.

No matter where you set out for your next adventure, these boots will be the perfect companion.

  • Stylish Look

These women’s shoes tick all the feminine aspects perfectly. You can choose from its wide range of colors and combinations. They have everything ranging from bright, vibrant colors that are sure to turn some heads to soft suede colors that make a statement.

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  • check
    Lightweight midsole
  • check
    Energy return system
  • check
    Breathable interior
  • check
    Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for walking on water
  • Lace hooks are a bit far back


Now that you’ve gone through our review of the five best hiking boots for women, all of it simmers down to this final showdown. While they vary according to materials, sizes, colors, and of course, prices, all are great at serving their purpose. Nevertheless, the task of choosing the best one remains at hand so let’s get on to business.

Firstly, the Lowa handcrafted women's boots qualify fully for the title. With their Vibram enhancements, GORE-TEX features, and renegade system, these boots are the embodiment of modern adventure gear.

However, all of these fancy features come at a price, which might push it out of the league for most people. If you don’t want to compromise on quality regardless of the cost, then these are the ones for you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more pocket-friendly choice but need all the great features as well, the Oboz women’s hiking boots are the best pick for you. That's because they have a full leather body construction, combined with breathable B-Dry technology, and O Fit Insoles for maximum comfort. Finally, the streamlined design and the vibrant color choices are a plus that no woman can deny.

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