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Best Hiking Boots in 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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It is never an easy job to find the right boots when you plan a hiking trip and need new hiking boots. Many factors come to mind regarding what type of hiking shoes you will need, as well as when you are going to hike.

The when is just as important as where you are going to spend time testing your personal endurance. You will not just test your personal endurance but that of your hiking boots, as well, so they also need to show their strength.

That is not all you need to know, though. If you are a woman, you also need to know whether they are stylish or not. So in this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best hiking boots available on the market to help you get started.

Comparison Chart

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Hiking Boot

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX Men’s Wide Hiking Boots

ALTRA AFM1855F Men’s Lone Peak 4 Trail Running Shoe

Saucony Men’s S20483-2 Trail Running Shoe

Timberland Women’s White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

Best Hiking Boots Reviews

Newton Ridge Hiking Boot from Columbia

You get quite a comfortable pair of hiking boots that are very stylish and fit snugly when you purchase this pair of boots.

Product Highlights

With the purchase of these great hiking boots, you not only get great style but also comfort and safety. This is due to the adjustable fitting feature in the lacing method to increase the support provided around the ankles.

The slip-free sole design will help to secure a sure step on many different types of terrain every time you go hiking. The sure footing on rough ground is possible through an advanced traction design that is implemented in the rubber sole.

Columbia did not just design these comfortable high-quality hiking boots for comfort alone but also with a beautiful style in mind. They did not forget that, even when on a hiking trail, women want to look their best at all times.

A very lightweight and comfortable midsole is one of the best features included with the Newton Ridge hiking boots. This will help make sure your feet do not get too tired while on a rough hiking trail.

Unfortunately, these beautiful and stylish hiking boots are not a snug fit for those people who have a wider foot. You will also need to break these hiking boots in a bit before you hit the trail.

The Good

The combination of the soft suede exterior, color, and stylish design makes these hiking boots a great favorite. You will also get a waterproof pair of hiking boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable on most occasions.

The Bad

There is one very negative thing about these hiking boots, and that is that they may not be as durable as would be hoped. Perhaps, if a break-in session is allowed when you purchase these boots, there will be a different outcome.


  • Great support for the ankles
  • Slip-free sole design
  • Great style that look great
  • Midsole is very comfortable


  • Not meant for very wide feet
  • Will need to be broken in

X Ultra Wide Hiking Boots from Salomon

All hiking boots from Salomon come with quite a high price tag attached, but you get lots of extra features included.

Product Highlights

These hiking boots are very light and comfortable to help make the hiking experience a tireless experience for the whole day. This is because these hiking boots are completely made from synthetic, waterproof materials that are much lighter than natural fabrics.

An all-synthetic construction provides a much higher waterproof level to keep your feet dry in most hiking conditions. This also provides more breathability and makes for a moisture-free inner boot while hiking. These features help make them usable in all seasons.

Sensifit is an advanced feature that is included with these hiking boots for a much better overall fit on your feet. This is because it allows for snug and very comfortable support for the whole foot at all times even when inactive.

The chassis of these hiking boots are designed to give you total support for your feet while walking. This is achieved through a foam cushion inside the boot that is connected with the sole system for a much more stable heel.

These hiking boots were initially designed for men, so they are very functional but not that stylish for a woman's taste. Though there are a lot of extra features included with these hiking boots, they all come with a high price tag.

The Good

With functionality and comfort, these hiking boots are ideal for many different weather conditions. They are perfect for the regular hiker, whether man or woman. Nothing is 100% perfect, such as the waterproof feature included with these boots, but it will keep your feet mostly dry.

The Bad

The Salomon X Ultra Hiking boots are not designed with women in mind and may not be that stylish. They are very functional but will cost a pretty penny and may not be a good fit for a tight budget.


  • Ultra-lightweight — perfect for long hikes
  • All synthetic materials
  • Sensifit for a comfortable fit
  • An advanced chassis for better comfort


  • Mostly for men
  • High price tag compared to similar products

Lone Peak 4 Trail Running Shoes from Altra

For running a rough trail, these are the shoes you need to use, as they will offer incredible comfort for your feet.

Product Highlights

The Maxtrac feature included with these running shoes allows for a great combination of grip and traction on the trail. Together with that, you also get maximum durability and great comfort on the very rough terrain of any trail.

The fantastic feature of a foot-shaped toe box provides much more spreading space for the toes in the toe box area of the shoe. This will provide much better comfort and stability when climbing hills and also for most downhill descents.

Zero drop is installed with these running shoes to put the heel and the front of the foot at the same level. This will improve your form with the low-impact consistency caused by the sole that runs through the shoe at the same height.

The synthetic material these shoes are made of is of high-quality and allows the shoe to be very light to prevent early fatigue. This will also help improve your overall performance when running on trails with all types of surfaces.

Even if these running shoes are of great quality and comfort, they are not designed to be used on very hard surfaces. Also, these shoes can be used for many different types of trail applications, but they are not perfect for professional hiking.

The Good

The Lone Peak running shoes are designed to tackle trails with very rough terrain and will last through many of these trails. With these shoes, you get improved breathability with the draining mesh in the back and front of the shoes.

The Bad

Even though these running shoes are aesthetically well-designed and quite stylish, they are not available in many colors. This may be a minor problem, but it will cause a bigger problem when it comes to matching the right shoes with the right outfit.


  • Maxtrac feature for better grip
  • Foot-shaped toe box included
  • Level sole for added comfort
  • Very lightweight and cozy


  • Not meant for hard surfaces
  • Not designed for professional hiking

Saucony Men’s Trail Running Shoes

With these Saucony shoes, you get a lightweight shoe that will prevent you from getting tired too quickly while on the trail.

Product Highlights

If you need a very lightweight pair of running shoes, this is the right fit for you to prevent you from getting tired too easily. This pair is great for different types of terrain when running trails that are a bit on the rough side.

The ‘isofit’ feature that is included with most Saucony running shoes helps make the shoes much more comfortable for running. This is made possible by innovative technology where the upper of the shoe learns how the foot moves inside the shoe.

These running shoes are available in three different colors to fit a variety of outfit styles when running. This is great for the fashionable person who needs to look their best all the time.

If you want function and comfort, these shoes are for you due to the synthetic materials they are made of. They are made from durable fabric and have sturdy construction to withstand the roughest terrains you can encounter.

These running shoes are not really suitable for use on the very hard surfaces that the roads and sidewalks are made of. You may use these shoes for many applications, but it is not made for the professional hiker.

The Good

You get a lightweight running shoe that is made for the trail runner who will endure many trails out there. Great innovative technology is used to add quite a lot of features to these shoes to make your running much easier.

The Bad

It is not very suitable to be used for all types of hiking applications and may cause some discomfort on a hiking trail. There are some quality control issues around these shoes that may cause some problems when you purchase it.


  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • An ‘isofit’ upper included
  • Available in three colors
  • Very durable — great for cross terrain hikes


  • Not for professional hiking
  • Meant for softer surfaces

Timberland Women’s Ankle Hiking Boot

These hiking boots from Timberland are strong and durable and are made to be mostly waterproof for an all-season hike.

Product Highlights

With these hiking boots from Timberland, you have an easy removable insert to allow for easy airing out of the boot. This also helps to keep the hiking boot in top condition and remove most of the moisture from the inner shoe.

These hiking boots are very lightweight to prevent your feet from getting too tired very quickly while out on the hiking trail. It also features a high-quality very light rubber sole for extended durability to comfortably support your feet.

With a waterproof feature included with these hiking boots, you can take on any trail without fear of getting cold feet. These hiking boots also boast rugged, high-traction, rubber-lugged outer soles together with shock-absorbing inner cushions.

You get waterproof, genuine leather hiking boots that are made from strong and durable leather. These trail-ready hiking boots are of high-performance style and will withstand the roughest terrains out there.

Even though these hiking boots are of high-quality and very functional, it would have been nice if they were a bit more stylish. This means that, while these boots are great for hiking, it would have been nice if they were designed for the fashionable ladies.

The Good

These hiking boots are of great quality, and they are also very functional to take on the worst trails out there. With a lot of features included, these hiking boots will make your life much easier on a very rough trail.

The Bad

Before you can take on those trails, you need to break these hiking boots in for them to perform at their best. This means that you will have to get these boots long before it is time for your next hiking trip.


  • Removable insole for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof boot for all-weather hiking
  • Made from natural materials


  • Need some breaking in
  • Aesthetically not good

Buyer's Guide

By following this buyer’s guide, you will be able to know almost everything there is to know about hiking boots. This is possible because we take quite a broad look at hiking boots and their special features.

It is not always easy to have all the answers that buyers out there have questions for, but we will try our best. For you to be able to know what you are talking about, we put together a few questions to help you.

Without further delay, let us give you some answers that may help you along.


Hiking boots are made from different types of material, but they are mostly made from leather and other synthetic materials. To be able to make these materials waterproof, they need to be specially treated with certain substances. However, these are not completely waterproof.

With waterproof hiking boots, you will have fewer concerns while you are out there on the hiking trail. You can make your hiking boots waterproof yourself if you are not sure about your hiking boots’ waterproof state.

For extensive instructions on how to make your leather or synthetic hiking boots waterproof, or to improve your current boots, look here:


When we talk about traction on hiking boots, it means that your boot is slip-free in most circumstances. It will also mean that you will have a more secure footing when you walk on uneven and rough terrain.

Improved traction on the sole of your hiking boots will also help keep you safe on a surface where you can slide. In some cases, this will mean the difference between getting injured or not. In extreme cases, it could prevent loss of life.

To keep you safe, it is one of the most important features to look for in hiking boots.


Most of the time, when you talk about insulation in hiking boots, it means they are meant for extremely cold conditions. There is a huge variety of insulation types available that can be used in hiking boots to make them warmer.

These types of hiking boots that are insulated with natural or synthetic materials are called winter boots or snow hiking boots. They are normally insulated with shearing from sheep wool or with a synthetic material called Thinsulate.

These insulated hiking boots are sold with certain grades of insulation applied to the boot for mild to very cold conditions.

Boot Height

Boot heights range from low to medium to high and are used for different types of applications or conditions. For normal hiking, you would rather wear the half boot that reaches to just above the ankle for ample ankle support.

The taller or higher boots that reach up to the knee are great for use in the colder regions for protection. They are also used when protection is needed for the lower half of the leg down from the knee.

The higher boots are normally more expensive than the lower boots but are not great to use for hiking expeditions.

Removable Liners Versus One-Piece Boots

Whether the boot has a removable liner (two-piece design) or is a one-piece boot may influence what boot you purchase. But what is the difference?

Two-piece design

In the case of a two-piece design, you have a thick and strong outer layer that is quite durable, as well as a removable liner. This removable liner provides great waterproofing for the boot and can be removed to be dried and aired out.

One-piece design

With the one-piece design, you have a much more solid boot that can be better used for outdoor activities like hiking. With this type of boot, you have fewer moving parts, and it will feel more solid when walking.

 The one-piece design is, in essence, much more comfortable for hiking use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between insulated winter hiking boots and mountaineering boots?

Mountaineering hiking boots are either made from leather or from synthetic materials, and they normally have far less insulation. Also, they are quite heavy. They also tend to be quite uncomfortable and have much less convenient features attached to them.

Insulated hiking boots are more comfortable and have much more insulation, which makes them much warmer. These types of boots have a lot of convenient features.

Why can’t I use my regular hiking boots for winter hiking? 

Normal hiking boots are not insulated to make them warmer for winter conditions and may cause harm to your feet. Most normal hiking boots are not completely waterproof and may get your feet wet very easily.

Some of the normal hiking boots also do not have the right type of sole for the winter conditions and may be unsafe.

How important is it to have Gore-Tex or waterproof and breathable insulated winter boots?

If you intend to go on a winter hiking trip, it is wise to get hiking boots that are insulated against the cold. For your feet not to sweat in the winter boots, they must be breathable to prevent too much moisture from building up in your boots.

The Gore-Tex material is naturally breathable and waterproof, and great to be used inside winter hiking boots.

How much insulation should winter boots have?

Your winter hiking boots should have about 200g of isolation for milder winter cold conditions. When you wear hiking boots for outdoor winter conditions, 400g is better isolation for extremely cold conditions.

Whether you are going to need more or less insulation will also depend on whether you have poor or good circulation in your body.

How should winter hiking boots fit?

Winter hiking boots should fit snugly all over the foot, but there should be enough space to wiggle the toes. For the best effects, you should have your foot size measured from all dimensions to get the right fit for your foot.

 You should also keep in mind that, in the winter, you will wear thicker socks and, in some cases, more than one pair.

Final Verdict

From all the above-mentioned hiking boots that are available, our personal favorites are the Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Boots. They are available for men and women, and they are a very functional pair of hiking boots with a lot of extra features included.

As an alternative, you can choose the Columbia waterproof hiking boots that come with lots of extra features and in many colors. They also come at a more affordable price point for those on a tight budget, and they are made from genuine leather.

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