Difference Between Men and Women's Hiking Boots

Difference Between Men and Women’s Hiking Boots

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Even if men and women walk the same track, the boots they are wearing are quite different from each other. Likewise, the hiking boots that are available for men and women are different from each other.

The basic reason for this distinction is the structural differences between the feet of men and women. Apart from appearance, there are numerous other distinctions that are not as easy to notice.

Here, we will discuss the major and most prominent difference between men and women's hiking boots.


The easily noticeable difference relates to the size of these shoes. Since the feet of women are usually shorter than those of men, hiking shoes or boots for women are made slightly narrower.

Moreover, women are typically lighter and smaller, which suggests they don’t need bigger shoes for better cushioning and support. There is less cartilage in the bones of a woman, and their ligaments are softer and more flexible.

This is the reason they require a tighter fit. As a result, women's boots offer a sleeker look, as well as a nice fit.


The overall design of women's hiking boots gives them a sleek and compact appearance. On the other hand, men's hiking boots are bulky, large, and slightly heavier than women's hiking boots.

This is because the overall size of a woman's foot is smaller than that of a man’s. As a result, hiking boots for men are more durable and capable of enduring harsher conditions.

However, this doesn’t suggest that women's hiking boots are less durable. Rest assured, they offer the desired level of durability and strength.

Comfort Level

The difference in the comfort level depends largely on the structure of a woman’s feet. The heel of a female is relatively narrower than that of a male.

The manufacturers of hiking boots pay great attention to this aspect and try to make women's boots and shoes more comfortable. For this purpose, they add an additional restrictive heel box.

Moreover, you can also find extra rigid padding to fit the heel snugly and avoid any chances of sliding on either side.

Difference Between Men and Women's Hiking Boots


Since the feet of a woman are more flexible, manufacturers have made two different design changes in hiking boots for women. These design enhancements offer more support.

This allows better endurance for the stress felt by the feet during extensive hiking trips. To offer maximum support, the manufacturers rely on tough and stiff midsole support.

The boots provide an insert, which is usually molded into the sole. This allows a more snug fit and helps you to retain maximum grip over almost any kind of terrain.

Another most noticeable difference that you can find in women’s hiking shoes is the enhanced arch support. Usually, a woman's foot has a higher arch, which needs extra support.

These enhancements offer the required level of flexibility, which is essential for a comfortable hiking experience.


A wide range of manufacturers have taken into account the difference of posture between men and women's feet. As a result, you see a visible difference in the posturing of women's hiking boots.

The gait and posture of a man aren’t that upright, as you can observe in the case of a woman. Therefore, the ankle shaft of a male hiking boot is 2 degrees offset.

In this way, men experience a better, comfortable, and balanced walk over rough terrain. Since women's feet have an upright stance, there is no need to offset the ankle design.

As a result, you can easily see that a manufacturer considers the differences between the foot of a man and that of a woman and try to design specific boots to meet the variations associated with the feet of each gender.


If you are familiar with the variations in men’s and women’s hiking boots, it becomes be much easier for you to choose the ideal boots. Since the feet of a woman are smaller than that of a man’s, the hiking shoes for women are also smaller. Besides that, a woman shouldn't use smaller sized men’s hiking boots because there are a lot of other differences apart from the size.

Therefore, when going out to buy a pair of hiking boots, make sure to look for those designed specifically for your gender.

Moreover, the best way to look for the best hiking boots, depending on your gender, is by trying them out for a while. The specific design of hiking boots for a woman or a man are capable of serving the purpose well.

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