Free Hiking GPS Apps for Android

Free Hiking GPS Apps for Android

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The minute that technology began being used in outdoor activities, you knew there would be a call for apps to help navigate through the trails. Some may be concerned with the lack of Wi-Fi, but that won’t stop these apps.

There are plenty of these applications that offer routes and directions without needing Wi-Fi. With pre-downloadable maps and a variety of new highlights, the applications below are some of the best free hiking GPS apps for Android.

Free Hiking GPS Apps

There are many apps that are available for Android that can be used for hiking. However, some of them do cost, and when you are working on a tight budget, that could be a problem. So we pulled together some of the best free apps for you.


Maybe the most notable of the applications on our list, AllTrails, offers its vast database to clients with the goal that they can help keep them from getting lost. With more than 50,000 paths between the U.S. and Canada, AllTrails keeps your hiking trails data updated.

Customers can make their own paths and share them with others. There is a free version that offers limited functions as well as a premium version that gives you more functionality.


This application from REI is a living database that has more than 35,000 paths to help the anxious explorer or hiker get started with their trek faster.

Each hike profile incorporates guides, information, and key waypoints so you can know precisely what to search for and when. The application is outfitted with an on-trail route feature, so you never lose your way on any hike.

The application is refreshed consistently with trail conditions and navigational bearings, so you can know precisely how to find the right path for yo


This hiking and route application is as near an uncompromising satellite GPS app as you’ll get. It is so reliable that it’s been used by search and rescue groups all around the globe to explore and discover hard to arrive at spots in the wilderness.

Beginning users can use it as both a hiking tracker and a navigational tool. This app allows you to download maps for use when you are disconnected.

ViewRanger is used around the world, making it an excellent database of hiking trails the world over.


Because of consistent upgrades, the MapMyHike GPS app is nice for those long treks or just an evening stroll along those mountain paths.

The application permits users to follow their trail and hike progress as well as keeping up with other information like speed and many other needed metrics.

Free Hiking GPS Apps for Android

Google Maps Offline

This is not really a hiking map, but Google Maps has demonstrated itself to be extraordinary when compared to other GPS applications.

Its mapping system and capacity to work without internet access makes it a great option for hikers and explorers.

With trail creation features and the collect a complete view of wherever you are looking to hike, Google Maps should be a staple among your hiking preparation.


This remarkable application is part nature diary, part GPS. Its features allow users to share their hiking excursions with loved ones online.

At the same time, using the application to explore and keep tabs on their progress via live maps. Using this feature, the explorer can see precisely on the map where they are along with other information, including height, rate of progress, and traveled distance.

The ability to download maps makes it ideal for no Wi-Fi travel; also, this feature guarantees you’re watching your progress without fear of getting lost.


Instead of an application to make your life simpler, Cairn is an application that makes your friends and family live simpler.

With this app, you can share a map that continually refreshes where you are at on your trail with people you select, and the app will also inform them if you don’t reach your destination in an allotted time frame.

Final Thoughts

So you can see there are a lot of great choices when it comes to free hiking apps for your Android device. Some of the options above do have paid memberships, but the free option is just fine for those looking for the basics when it comes to GPS.

The real bonus is simply finding one that will meet your needs and allow you to travel those epic trails you dream of. With our selection above, we are sure you will be able to do just that.

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