Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots Review

Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots Review

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Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Superior traction in wet conditions
  • Ideal for narrow terrain
  • Offer good ankle support

What We Don't Like

  • Not recommended for hiking in the snow
  • Will require a size up for more toe room
  • List Element

Hiking boots offer an endless amount of benefits and opportunities. This is especially true for people who find themselves spending more time outdoors.

There has always been the assumption that hiking boots are only used while trekking on rough terrain, however, with boots such as the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots, you can easily wear them while backpacking or camping as well. With plenty of interesting features that elevate their style as well as their functionality, these hiking boots could easily become your next favorite shoes.

Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots Review

The main purpose of the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots is to give you the ability to take advantage of a pair of hiking boots that are very versatile, especially as their overall design is quite casual compared to traditional hiking boots. With more of an athletic shoe style compared to a structured mid-rise pair of hiking shoes, they give you the ability to experience optimal traction no matter where you are.

One of the main selling points of the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots is that they are fully waterproof, which is another way that these shoes can protect your feet and help to keep you comfortable throughout the year. With an all-season design, there’s no reason as to why you cannot wear them while heading on a summer adventure or if you need a safe pair of shoes to wear to the grocery store when it’s particularly icy outside.

Who Are These Hiking Boots For?

The Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots are designed mostly for women, though it’s clear to see why these would also be easy for men to pull off as well, as long as you’re able to find the right size for your feet. In all honesty, the overall style of the boots is rather unisex, which also makes them perfect for women who aren’t interested in overly feminine hiking equipment.

These hiking boots are also designed to be easy for anyone to wear compared to more advanced hiking boots. This is because they don’t offer any highly advanced features that only apply to experienced hikers. As mentioned, their design is quite versatile, giving you the ability to use them to your advantage for a wide variety of different tasks.

What’s Included?

When you order the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots, you’ll receive a pamphlet that describes the ins and outs of the boots along with the hiking boots themselves. One of the things that we wish were included with every order is an extra pair of laces. This is because, over time, your laces will experience damage and you’re going to have to purchase another pair of durable laces.

Overview of Features

The most notable features of the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots include:

Leather Accents

One of the things that you’ll surely appreciate about these boots is the fact that they use leather in the most important areas of the boots. These include the areas around the heel and the toe as well as the upper.

The leather accents help to add to the overall durability of the shoes without making them difficult to break in compared to 100% leather hiking boots. The main material used is suede and mesh, which are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.

Waterproof yet Breathable Built

These boots are created to keep your feet dry and warm while out on the trail. At the same time, though, they also offer a heightened level of breathability designed to make them easier to wear in the summer.

This is, by far, the most advanced feature that you’ll be able to take advantage of as your feet won’t feel claustrophobic or sweaty after wearing them for hours.

MDT Outsole

Also known as multi-directional traction, the outsole of the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots offers superior grip that is meant to make it easy for you to change the positioning of your feet at a moment’s notice and with less of a chance of injury.

Dri-Tec Waterproof Upper

To offer even more water resistance, the entire upper of the shoe is constructed out of Dri-Tec materials. This not only helps to repel water from the boots but also to make them dry faster in the event that water does get in.

How to Get the Most Out of the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots

As with any pair of hiking shoes, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure you get the most use out of them throughout the year. First, we’d recommend that you tie the laces appropriately depending on your style of hiking. For example, opting for a surgeon’s knot if you need extra stability within your upper foot area is the right thing to do.

The second thing that’s recommended to preserve the integrity of your hiking boots is to make sure that you add additional waterproofing to their exterior so that you surely won’t have to worry about moisture penetrating the suede exterior. It’s important that you find a waterproofing material that is specifically made for suede or textile materials.


An alternative option for someone who is looking for the same athletic style of hiking boots is surely the Nevados Boomerang II Hiking Boots. These boots offer a few extra features, but they are double the cost of the Hi-Tec boots.

A couple of enhanced features that the Nevados boots do offer include:

  • EVA Footbed: Designed with optimal comfort in mind, the EVA footbed gives you more cushioning without the need for extra insoles.
  • Thermoplastic Heel and Toe Cap: To help offer higher levels of insulation and foot protection, the Nevados Boomerang II Hiking Boots have plastic plates that cover the heel and toe areas.
  • Padded Tongue: As another extra comfort feature, the tongue of these boots is more padded than the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots.


If you’re in the market for a reliable pair of hiking boots that are designed to protect your feet and give you the ability to make it through most types of hazardous terrain safely, the Hi-Tec Mid Logan Waterproof Hiking Boots are a great and affordable option.

With the help of their waterproofing, leather accents in the most crucial areas, and superior tread when compared to other boots on the market, they’re a very handy and easy pair of boots to wear.

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