Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid Hiking Boot Review

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Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid Hiking Boot: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Waterproof with rustproof lacing mechanism
  • Lightweight and sturdy with endearing aesthetics
  • Amazing ankle support and impact cushioning

What We Don't Like

  • Might need to break-in the shoes before a hike
  • The sizes tend to run small

Research shows that spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors is enough to improve your emotional, health, and mental wellbeing. Green spaces – parks, hiking trails, and nature reserves – help to lower your stress levels and blood pressure as well as your heart rate. With such a bouquet of gifts, why settle for only a few minutes?

Why not grab a pair of recommended hiking boots and spend an entire day surrounded by lots of greenery, open spaces, and loads of fresh, crisp, and clean air? In addition to having the right outfit, it's crucial you pick the right hiking shoe. You want one that will take the pressure off your feet while offering you excellent foot and ankle support with every step you make.

Hiking enthusiasts all seem to agree that the Hi-Tec Women's Skamania Mid-Rise Waterproof Hiking Boot is a cut above the rest. These suede and mesh boots are so popular that they are nominated as Amazon’s choice for Hi-tech women’s hiking boots category. Here is a detailed Hi-Tec women's Skamania Mid Hiking boot review to clue in on what people love about it.

Hi-Tec Women’s Skamania Mid Hiking Boot Review

If you’re familiar with Hi-Tec Sports USA, you would know that they are the pioneers of lightweight hiking boots. The women’s Skamania is no different and lives up to the brand’s reputation to deliver as expected. This hiking boot lets you make a cakewalk of any hiking trail that you visit without taking a toll on your feet. Better yet, it’s stylish enough to double up as daily wear around the home, run around for your errands, or even for a dress down Friday.

Who Is This Boot Meant For?

Since it’s engineered to ease pressure from the feet, this hiking boot makes the perfect companion for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. If you’re keen to escape the pains and aches that come with standing for long periods or walking for a long time, this boot is for you.

It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in as long as you can benefit from having a pair of light and super comfy shoes on your feet. Make it your daily wear while working at the firm, making deliveries, walking dogs, or getting your 10,000 steps. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, then make this your go-to hiking boot.

Unboxing Skamania Mid Hiking Boot

This hiking boot ships in a standard shoe box and measures 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches. Each boot weighs a measly 680 grams, living to the brand’s signature for lightweight hiking boots. The boot ships complete with laces and arched insoles to let you kick off your hiking adventure off to a high note.


Grade A Waterproofing

If you aren’t the one to let a little rain or river bed get in the way of your outdoors foray, you’ll undoubtedly love the Skamania hiking boot. The boot features a superior suede and mesh composition that leaves your feet bone dry. A breathable waterproof membrane shrugs off the water from outside while allowing the moisture from your feet to get out. No more damp or squishy socks, not when you’re out hiking with these babies. Couple the Skamania with moisture-wicking socks and you’ll never suffer from wet or smelly feet again.

Excellent Ankle Support

Experienced hikers understand the value of a shoe that provides ankle and foot support. This mid-high hiking boot boasts a 5-inch shaft that is overlaid with a waterproof membrane and a padded collar. More than giving the boot an endearing aesthetic, the high shaft is a welcome feature for people with wobbly ankles. If you’re continually taking tumbles on flat surfaces, this hiking boot will ensure that you remain upright even on the roughest terrain.

Impact Absorption

The stylish rubber sole doesn’t just give the shoe an appealing look but goes a long way to ease the pressure off your feet. Riding on the 1.5-inch heel, the Skamania hiking boot lowers the impact stress of your every step. The outsole is topped off with deep penetrating lugs to give you a firm grip on any terrain, no matter how uneven or slippery.

An arched EVA foam midsole protects the rest of your feet from impact pressure as you walk. The molded arch ensures that your feet maintain a proper form to reduce fatigue and injuries. These insoles are removable for ease of cleaning or to replace them with personal orthotics suited to the arch of your feet.

Rustproof Hardware

A ghillie lacing system delivers a snug and secure fit when donning these boots without creating pressure points on your feet. The rustproof lacing hardware means that you’ll never contend with ugly rust markings on your beautiful boot. Now you can walk on any riverbed without worrying about the lace-up hooks or getting your feet wet.


If you prefer a solid leather hiking boot to a suede and a mesh one, then you can settle for the Hi-Tec Women's Altitude Vi I waterproof hiking boot. You’ll love the solid leather composition that is topped off with an equally waterproof synthetic fiber. These boots take a little while to break in but they soften to mold your feet for comfortable wear.


This detailed Hi-Tec women's Skamania Mid Hiking boot review finds that the boot makes the perfect companion for anyone who cares about their feet. Lightweight and comfy, this hiking boot reduces the impact of stress as you walk in addition to cushioning your entire feet. Its stylish design makes it the perfect shoe for a dress down Friday at the office, a hiking expedition, or working on a farm. If your day job calls for a lot of walking and standing, the Skamania will let you put in the hours without damaging your feet.

If you feel that you need additional ankle support, you can opt for the Manfen Women's Hiking Boots that come with an 8-inch shaft.

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