Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

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Quick Overview






  • High-performance material and design
  • Ergonomically created to ease the strain of walking
  • Moisture-repellent technology improves protection and hygiene
  • Features a rubber toe cap for protection
  • Nylon heel shank adds to the comfort
  • Made from recycled material


  • Range of sizes and colors increase in price

Merrell is a popular American brand of footwear and apparel founded on the original concept of a high-performance hiking boot.

The first product was a smash hit, and since their success in 1981, Merrell has become a fashion giant. The brand is synonymous with quality, style, and performance.

In 1997, the brand was sold as a subsidiary to Wolverine World Wide. Their products are now being sold in more than 151 countries and their popularity on social media spread like wildfire.

Among their exquisite range of footwear and apparel, you will find many practical and stylish models. One such model is the Moab line of waterproof hiking boots.

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

These boots are famous for their ability to hold up to tough conditions and endure the forces of nature while still being comfortable. The Moab has been the paragon of all hiking boots.

Respected for years, it is the preferred choice of hiking shoes among women. The Moab 2 is dedicated to the same vision and intent.

Who is this product for?

Women who love long walks, preferably somewhere rough and adventurous, will appreciate wearing a pair of these boots. The fact is, they were made for long-distance walking.

Those among the fairer sex who dare to be a little more adventurous than your everyday dame will love the Moab 2 range. Available in an assortment of pleasing colors, it is suitable for everyday wear.

Women working in occupations without strict dress codes will also benefit from this fashion accessory. This is especially true if their occupation requires an exhaustive amount of walking.

Even more, those all-day mommies who have to run around playing superhero could do with a pair of Merrell Moab 2 boots to make things easier.

What's included?

The package includes the pair of boots, the laces, and a removable inner sole.

Aside from the basic product, there are no added extras or accessories. Simply put, the quality of the product and what it offers in comfort and support is the comprised gift of the product.

Overview of features

The product is selectively made from recycled material, which is an appealing feature that will please plenty of users. It is driven by a vision that sustainability is a responsibility that has to be pursued in the constant search for a better path.

All the features of the Moab 2 were designed with that concept in mind. From using high-performance suede leather and nylon mesh for the construction to using the latest advances in inner sole innovation, it has it all.

It features Merrell’s patented waterproof technology and is fitted with their legendary Vibram soles. The sole has unmatched strength, elasticity, and traction to provide the best durability and stability.

The inner-sole features their patented design that makes it more comfortable on the heels. The added air-cushion provides comfort where it is needed the most, reducing the overall strain and stress on the legs and feet.

The collective design of all of these features make it ideal for all weather conditions. Made with a fashionable design and colorfully pleasing looks, it is bound to be appealing to all types of women. It is suitable for everyday wear or adventurous hiking and is a stylish purchase either way.

How to use them

There is nothing special to be done to get the best out of your boots. Simply slip them on; once the laces have been strung and the inner soles secured, you can enjoy the comfort and performance. Maybe one could find an intriguing life hack that would be beneficial, but, beyond the basic design, nothing seems additionally desirable. All you need is already there.


There are plenty of alternatives you could shop for. ADIDAS, Nike, Levi — name them all if you wish. Sure, if you have the money to buy a pair of hiking Levis or similar, these brands would be preferred, if only to own the name.

If you want quality and innovation equal to the more popular brands but at a better price, then Merrell's footwear is a fine choice. There are plenty of options to choose from if the Moab, unfortunately, does not make the cut.


Conclusively, it can be agreed that Merrel has produced one fine product. If you are in search of the finest quality without wanting to spend a fortune, try out Merrell’s footwear and apparel.

They are among the most competitive brands in the world. They compete for excellence in service, product quality, and innovation. Plus, this brand strives to please both the environment and the consumer’s wallet.

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