TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles Review

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles Review

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Quick Overview





  • Made of high-quality aviation aluminum
  • Ultra-light yet sturdy construction
  • Twist lock mechanism for maximum adjustability
  • Highly durable tungsten tips
  • EVA foam handles for better grip


  • The grip isn’t that comfortable

No doubt, trekking poles are the perfect gear for a variety of activities, including trekking, hiking, mountaineering, walking, camping, traveling, and backpacking.

If you are in search of some highly durable and lightweight trekking poles, take a look at the product reviewed below.

These Walking Trekking Poles are known for their quality and performance. Here, we have tried to mention all the features and essential aspects of this product.

So without any delay, let’s start our review.

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles

In order to ensure your stability while walking, you can rely on TheFitLife Nordic Trekking Poles. These trekking poles are specifically designed to offer the required amount of safety while walking or hiking.

These poles are easy to carry while traveling as they come with a carrying bag. Additionally, you also get a complete set of rubber accessories. With these trekking poles, you can take part in a variety of adventurous activities.

Who is this product for?

If you love to go out hiking, trekking, nordic walking or backpacking, this is the product for you. The quality, versatility, and durability of these trekking poles allow you to take part in different recreational activities.

What’s included?

The package includes two TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles, a carrying bag, and a user's guide.

Furthermore, you also get a complete set of rubber parts/accessories for hiking, trekking, backpacking, and nordic walking. The accessories include clips, mud baskets, walking caps, snow baskets, and rubber tips.

Overview of features

These Nordic Walking Trekking Poles are constructed with a lightweight and sturdy material. The use of aviation aluminum (7 series) makes these poles highly durable. This suggests you don’t have to be concerned about bending these poles.

Even with this kind of support and sturdy construction, these trekking poles are super lightweight. The level of quality and performance is evident from the fact that each pole weighs only 0.6 lbs., but the overall bearing weight is up to 440 lbs. Moreover, its anti-shock mechanism absorbs the maximum level of shock.

The quick lock feature allows you to fix the length securely. It also comes with a measuring scale, allowing you to get the desired length.

Talking about the grip, its EVA foam ensures a comfortable and highly durable grip. It adjusts to your hands and absorbs sweat to avoid slippage. As a result, your hands will stay dry.

With the availability of a carrying bag, you won’t experience any kind of difficulty while carrying these trekking poles. A wide range of rubber accessories is also provided with the trekking poles, which you can use for ensuring better traction on various surfaces.

Furthermore, these extra-long grips also come with straps for extra security. These trekking poles are built to last. The grip isn’t as comfortable as you see in some other trekking poles. However, with its availability at an affordable price, you won’t mind such a minor drawback.

How to use them

These trekking poles are ideal for a variety of activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountaineering. However, before, using these trekking poles make sure to adjust their height.

This is because trekking poles that are too short or too long won’t be helpful. It would be best if you also used the proper rubber tips to ensure a better grip and secure trekking experience.


  • Made of high-quality aviation aluminum
  • Ultra-light yet sturdy construction
  • Twist lock mechanism for maximum adjustability
  • Highly durable tungsten tips
  • EVA foam handles for better grip


The grip isn’t that comfortable


If you can afford to buy an expensive and performance-oriented pair of trekking poles, consider the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles. These trekking poles are extremely lightweight yet durable.

This product is made up of highly durable and sturdy aviation-grade aluminum. You can easily pack and carry these compact poles with other luggage.

The rubber tip protectors can be easily attached to the poles when storing them. This reduces the chances of losing any of these accessories.

These trekking poles also come with ergonomic and comfortable grips. As a result, you won’t experience any trouble while carrying these poles.

As a whole, you will find these trekking poles highly responsive and helpful while going out hiking, trekking, and mountaineering.


To conclude, TheFitLife's Walking Trekking Poles are one of the best quality pieces of gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. These poles come with innovative and unique features. This means you will feel more secure while climbing even rough terrain. The poles are lightweight, which means you can cover long distances while using them.

The overall build quality of these poles is satisfactory, and they clearly serve the purpose for which they were built. Last but not least, the affordable price of these trekking poles is the most noticeable feature of all.


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