Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots Review

Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots Review

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Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Fantastic waterproofing
  • Easily protects feet against sharp rocks
  • Offers excellent traction in slippery conditions

What We Don't Like

  • Might be too tight in the toe box
  • Slightly bulkier than other hiking boots

Have you ever considered what things to look for when you start searching for the right pair of hiking boots? One of the first factors to consider is whether a potential pair offers the right amount of features to not only keep you safe but also to keep you comfortable while you venture on your hike.

The Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots are one of the better pairs of hiking boots for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, and they have a unique style that is easily adaptable to anyone’s wardrobe.

Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots Review

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots is that they look amazing and stick to the true design of Under Armour products. These boots are available in two colors: black and grey, which makes it much easier to wear them with every hiking outfit that you have in your closet.

Aside from style, they are also incredibly impressive in terms of the number of features that they offer, especially when compared to other hiking boots around the same price point. Designed with the average outdoors enthusiast in mind, there are several occasions where wearing the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots will make your life easier and give you the ability to own a pair of shoes that you can rely on in all types of weather.

Who Are These Hiking Boots For?

The Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots were manufactured with women in mind, but as with most hiking equipment, they have a rather unisex appeal. Men can easily pull the boots off without them looking too feminine as long as they are able to find the right size for their feet.

In all honesty, the only group of people that these hiking boots won’t work for is children. This is due to the boots’ size and heaviness.

Hiking boots aren’t the type of shoes that are only useful if you’re navigating through rocky and natural terrain. In truth, they can also double as a reliable pair of winter boots for seniors who are looking for superior grip when compared to most other pairs of winter boots. The high-quality rubber sole on these boots is ideal for icy and snowy conditions, giving you a safer pair of boots to wear in the winter.

What’s Included?

With your order, you will receive the boots themselves and no other additional items. The only other thing that we would appreciate to see with each order is another pair of high-quality laces to use as a backup or a pack of different colored laces so you can customize the appearance of the boots.

Overview of Features

The most interesting features of the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots include:

UA Storm Waterproofing

By far, the most notable feature of the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots is their UA Storm waterproofing. This technology is found on all Under Armour outdoor products, and it’s arguably one of the most advanced waterproofing technologies on the market. Hence, you can guarantee your feet will stay dry even if they are submerged in water.

High Breathability

As another characteristic attributed to the advanced UA Storm waterproofing, the boots repel moisture with ease but don’t compromise the breathability of the shoes. This helps to keep your feet more comfortable even in warmer conditions, which also makes these hiking boots easy to wear in the summer.

Toe and Heel Overlays

Added protection is certainly something to look for in hiking boots, and this pair offers both heel and toe rubber overlays. These features help absorb additional shock and prevent your feet from getting injured.

Lightweight EVA Midsole

Having extra cushioning inside of your hiking boots can be advantageous, especially if you’re not interested in adding an additional sole for more comfort. The lightweight EVA midsole gives you a little extra arch support and shock absorption, but it also doesn’t add to the overall weight of the boots.

Rubber Lug Outsole

On paper, the outsole of the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots seems to be rather standard. However, once you put the boots on, you’ll be able to experience the heightened level of traction that you can use to your advantage. The high traction rubber lug outsole makes it far easier for the boots to grab onto any type of terrain that you come in contact with.

How to Get the Most Out of the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots

It’s easy to see how the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots come well prepared for everyday wear right out of the box. However, as with any type of shoe, it’s important that you maintain your hiking boots so you can get the most out of them over the years.

It’s recommended that you add an additional layer of waterproofing spray to the boots before wearing them outdoors just so you can have an extra layer of protection. You’re also going to want to make sure that if the boots get wet, you take the time to dry them thoroughly. Otherwise, they will begin to experience a buildup of bacteria, which will cause them to smell quite unappealing.


There are plenty of alternatives to the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots, especially as they lean more towards the expensive end of the spectrum and have fewer features than other pairs that you might come across, including the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots.

With the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots, a couple of extra features that you’ll love include:

  • Omni-shield Water and Stain Resistance: Not only does the patented Omni-shield waterproofing prevent water from penetrating your hiking boots. In addition, these boots are also stain resistant, which keeps them in their best condition for much longer.
  • Omni-grip Lugged Outsole: The Omni-grip technology is one of the most advanced traction technologies on the market, so it’s easy to say that the Columbia boots will give you far more traction.
  • Techlite Cushioning Midsole: These hiking boots offer not only a compression-molded EVA midsole but also a Techlite cushioning midsole. This means that you surely won’t have to add any extra insoles.


If you’re someone who’s shopping for a pair of hiking boots and you’re not looking for the least expensive pair you can find, the Under Armour Post Canyon Hiking Boots are a fantastic option. With their highly versatile design that makes them simple to use to your advantage throughout the seasons, great traction in wet and slippery conditions, and highly advanced waterproofing, you’ll finally have a pair of boots that you can wear relatively anywhere.

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