What Are Gore Tex Boots

What Are Gore Tex Boots: The Simple Facts You Should Know

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When you go shopping for new backpacking or hiking boots, you’ll find that you have a lot of different options. From ultra-light to high-end hiking boots, it can be hard to learn about all of the differences between the various models.

While all of those differences can be overwhelming, it can also be beneficial to have so many different shoes with various features available to you when you are hunting for specific boots.

One type of boots that you might come across while searching is Gore-Tex boots. What are Gore Tex boots, and why are they so popular?

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What Is Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a type of membrane that can be used to ensure that any pair of shoes it is used with is water repellent. If you see footwear with the Gore-Tex logo, you can be sure that it is approved by Gore-Tex to be durable, waterproof, and breathable.

The membrane was created in the 1970s by accident in a laboratory, and it has been used in many commercial applications since then. The most popular by far is the use of this membrane in hiking boots and adventure shoes to keep the user's feet dry.

What Are Gore Tex Boots?

Gore-Tex boots are a specific type of Gore-Tex product that has the Gore-Tex membrane fitted inside with the appropriate manufacturing methodology. This method ensures that your feet will stay safe, dry, and protected no matter what kind of journey you go on.

Other Gore-Tex Products

Beyond the basic membrane used in Gore-Tex boots, Gore-Tex has released some other features and products that can be beneficial for hikers. In particular, the most recent one released by Gore-Tex is interesting, and that is the SURROUND feature.

The Gore-Tex SURROUND system has the highest breathability of any membrane around. This SURROUND feature was developed for hikers who often hike in the rain or those who hike in very humid conditions. The superior breathability of this product ensures that your feet will be comfortable throughout these kinds of experiences which can, otherwise, be very terrible.

The SUPPORT Line is another unique feature offered by the brand. This is composed of different lining systems that are only offered by Gore-Tex. Each can be very beneficial depending on the type of hiking adventure that you are planning on doing:

  • SUPPORT: For individuals who require shoes that have supreme breathability.
  • EXTENDED COMFORT: Ideal for warmer climates and longer hikes
  • PERFORMANCE COMFORT: Great for keeping feet dry in changing conditions
  • INSULATED COMFORT: Made for cold and snowy conditions

As you can see, Gore-Tex has developed their unique waterproof membrane to be applicable for general use in a wide range of Gore-Tex (and other) shoes for the coming years.

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When Do Gore-Tex Boots Make Sense?

Gore-tex is ideal in any situation when you want to ensure that your pair of boots has the perfect levels of both breathability and waterproofing. Additionally, the moisture-wicking features of the boots tend to work best with wool or wool blend socks, so you should use these shoes when these socks are an appropriate footwear choice.

For most hikers, Gore-Tex is an ideal choice. Having a waterproof and breathable pair of hiking boots can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are during a hike. While many brands claim to create a fully waterproof pair of shoes, none of them have been as successful as Gore-Tex in maintaining a unique product.

Gore-Tex boots also make a lot of sense when you expect to sweat in your footwear more than the usual, such as on a harder or more long-distance hike. Having Gore-Tex boots on will help keep the moisture from building up in your boots, which is made possible by their incredible breathability. Thus, you won't feel uncomfortable and you would be assured that your feet won't smell much when you remove the boots.

How Do You Care for Gore-Tex Boots?

If you already have a pair of Gore-Tex boots or are wondering what type of care you will need to put into the footwear, don’t worry! There isn’t much that needs to be done to ensure that you don’t have to replace them too soon.

Here is how you should properly take care of your Gore-Tex boots:

  • Use a brush or cloth to remove dried mud.
  • Stuff some newspaper inside the boots, and then turn them upside down to dry them.
  • You should not use wax, silicone, or grease products.
  • The membrane itself does not need any special care.

Gore-Tex Gets You There

No longer do you have to wonder about the answer to the question, "What are Gore Tex boots?" Gore-Tex boots are a pair of great footwear developed through the use of a unique, but successful, waterproof membrane that has been used in the hiking world for decades to ensure that adventurers around the world have the best time!

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